Ernest Vennard-Ruth Palmer
June, William Harrison, Vernabelle


Uncle Ernie was a gladiola grower in Sioux City, Iowa. Every year we would get a small package from him with an assortment of glads. In California they had a hard time growing. Ernie has patented several kinds of glads and won several national awards. He is in the Gladolia Hall of Fame and has a national award named after him.

Here is an early picture of the family, Ernie and Ruth in front with June, William and Vernabell in the back...
These are wedding day pictures of Ernie and Ruth...
Uncle Erine and Aunt Ruth on an early fishing trip....left
Kandy and Holly , granddaughter and her daughter of Ernie...
A conglomeration of Uncle Ernies kids, grandchildren and beyond...the photo had names on it but they didn't translate to this image, sorry.

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