William Nassau Vennard-Sophia Bertelsen


Alice, Ernest, Pearl, Leslie, Hazel, Wendell, William Bennett




At this point we have landed in amongst a plethora of my relatives. These are the ones I grew up knowing about, but not really knowing. Aunt Pearl, I met when I was fairly young, and Wendell too. Neither Pearl or Wendell had children. We visited Hazel while they were living in Indiana on the Mississippi R. William was my father and other than never seeing Leslie I crossed paths with Ernie only once after high school. These Vennards never seemed to be very social. Family Photos.

I believe William Nassau was a preacher. Became quite involved with the Free Methodist Church in Wessington Springs, SD, some distance to the west of Vermilion. I came across a history of the church and school in Wessington Springs. While reading the history it was noted that after a fire in January of 1908 that W N Vennard pledged $2800 towards the rebuilding of the school. In 1908 this must have been a tidy sum. Aunt Pearl became a missionary for the church and she along with her husband Harrison Johnson served in China and the Dominican Republic, as well as spending time in the Middle East. Uncle Wendell was a printer as was my dad, they worked together on at least two occasions, for a time in Red Lodge, Montana and then again in Los Gatos, California.


The school in Wessington Springs.